The real estate sector has rapidly grown over the years and currently, it provides employment to over 5 million people according to recent statistics in the United States and there could be more out there unaccounted for. There is a wide range of professions that are associated with real estate and are either directly or indirectly.

The most real estate job it's a requirement for you to have a real estate license, certifications or degrees. Millions of livelihoods have been impacted by the real estate business and in this post, we are going to highlight the Best Careers in Real Estate and the earnings plus commissions that come with it.

Steps On how to be a real estate agent

The success of you being a real estate agent is a result of various aspects from pursuing the best and right education, finding a veteran broker who will help you get your first client and passing both your state and national real estate examinations. Here are the steps:


Regardless of the state that you live in its mandatory to sit for a pre-licensing course. However, the requirements differ from state to state while other requires a certain set number of hours of study. Currently, some firm require specific education so it's advisable to take additional courses to increase your chances of being hired by an agency

Select a brokerage

An agency or office where real estate agents and broker work is called a real estate brokerage. Going on an industrial attachment or internship is part of the learning program before you graduate. Working with experienced brokers will guide you and provide deep insights especially when working in the field, listings and selling homes.

Always do some research about brokerage firms and always choose the one that is of the right size, stellar reputation and offers additional training to have an edge against other students.

Get Licensed

In order to get a real estate license, you must pass both national and state exams. In addition, a criminal background is checked. Be ready to pay at least 200$ that caters fully for all the licensing fees, exams, and courses you will take.

Come up with a real estate budget 

Being a real estate agent is a bit expensive while starting out the fees costs about $1500-2000$ which is divided between association fees, advertisements to drum up your business, printing of your business cards and additional exam fees. Planning yourself at this stage is key and you need to have some extra finances to cater for your daily need as earnings are based on commissions.

Making realtor decision   

For taking full advantage of the term ‘realtor' it's advisable you join the National Association of Realtors by selecting a well-known brokerage firm and seminars and conferences in your local area.

Build and improve your portfolio 

There are only two ways of building your portfolio: Look for a mentor who will take you under his/her wing and provide the guidance towards buyers’ /sellers contacts in the market as well as teach you on how to split commissions. The second option is to utilize your personal contacts by requesting referrals from your friends and family of individuals who are either looking to buy or sell houses. If anyone is in the market for a property those two ways may just be the break that you need for your business to take off.

What can you do with a real estate license?

Contrary to the popular belief that with a real estate license you can only sell houses, on the contrary, there are different types of jobs in this sector after getting your license. They are

Sales Assistant

Generally, a sales assistant has the ability to work in diverse fields and industries, the vital skill required in this field is customer service or relations and sales. This job will provide you with a regular income and you will learn new and fresh ideas as you go on enabling you to adapt to the ever-changing employment landscape.


If you are in the real estate business and you love traveling being an appraiser is the best fit for you. The main role of the appraiser is setting the value of all real estate properties through collecting and analyzing all information about the property and produce value opinions. The only way of becoming an appraiser is by passing the test set by the state’s appraisal board while also continuing with your education, which will allow you to apply for jobs with appraisal firm or lenders. 

Real Estate Marketing Executive

Marketing sector in real estate has a lot of career options, you have the opportunity to work in-house for either an agent or broker, on the other hand, you can also be a consultant. You can also be employed by a marketing agency that focuses only on real estate.

Property Management

For those who love customer service and a quick problem solver, you are made for this profession. The main roles of property managers are overseeing all matters pertaining to the property ranging from negotiating leases, budget, ensuring rent is paid on time and making sure the tenants are satisfied.

Real Estate Development

If you have love investing for the long term you will love this job, a real estate developer acquires land and builds a property for selling at a profit of course.

Real Estate Analyst

A real estate analyst conducts research and analyzing data collected on a wide variety of issues about the market whether they are likely to rise or drop.

Commercial Real Estate Sales

This job category mainly involves buying and selling of commercial property/buildings from restaurants, shopping malls, to warehouses. In this position, it solely focuses on financial analysis, capitalization rates and other analytics of this field, for statisticians you will fall in love with this job.

Benefits of being in the real estate sector 

You may ask yourself is real estate a good job? There are several reasons why you should consider a career in real estate:

Full control of business growth

In this sector, there are no limits when it comes to growing and developing your business. Regardless of how tough the markets are as long as you have outstanding marketing skills and good etiquette you will always be assured of a steady income from the real estate business.

Customer satisfaction leads to future rewards

The success of real estate market relies heavily on real estate agents for a lot of activities that revolve around home buying which is highly beneficial by ensuring there are higher returns on initial investment.

Ease of doing business

The key aspect in this business is developing and nurturing contacts with numerous agents in your key areas. If you find someone with the same work ethic as yours, closing deals will be easy like a piece of cake!

No limit to growth

The possibility of growth in this sector is remarkable, at the beginning its bound to be slow that is normal but after a while, it will pick up. In this business, earnings are dictated by the investment process. Commissions heavily rely on the timing of investments


Usually, the state of a country's economy can impact the buying and selling of goods of any sector and real estate is no exception. There may be times when you will not be selling properties like you are used to especially when the economy is not doing that well but as real estate agents, you are still assured of good business.

No cap in earnings

Working for either yourself or a big real estate firm you are regarded as a contractor who executes his/her duties independently hence there are no limits to how much you can earn in a year. Nonetheless, to achieve higher earnings be ready to work extra hard as the returns will be worth it! Every penny.

Being your own boss

Almost all real estate agents perform their work independently, they dictate which strategies to implement, preparation of their own schedules, and looking and growing their own clients. Who does not love being his/her own boss? Having total control will motivate and excite you to work extra hard to achieve your set out objectives and goals. 


In the real estate sector, there are a lot of opportunities and careers choices to choose from, you will be spoilt for choice. Entry to being a real estate agent though it is quite pricey it has a higher value for money.

One of the best things is there aren’t many requirements as compared to other professions and you will be able to develop and grow yourself at your own pace. Starting out might be tough but once you score your first bonus check be rest assured commissions will start pouring in. The real estate sector is a very lucrative business as well as being your own boss.

The post above will help and guide you by providing all the necessary information about real estate business. Wishing you massive success!

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