In this article, we will talk about the best ways to acquire your California real estate license online. Of course, we will talk about some online courses that are available in the state of California. The real estate business is flourishing in the US right now, so there will be the need for more real estate agents in the future. We will give you an insight on what requirements you need to complete in order to get your licenses and certification in California.

Steps for licenses and certification in California

Step One: The subject must be old enough

You must be at least 18 years old and you must be a citizen of the United States.

Step Two: 135 hours of basic real estate education

For you to be able to apply for the real estate exam, you are required to take 135 hours of basic education real estate courses. 

Step Three: Apply for the license application

After you complete the basic real estate education, you are able to apply for the license exam. This means that you can submit an application form and pay the proper fees. If this is your first time submitting, you are required to give your fingerprints. You must complete this exam in two years. If you don`t,  you will need to apply once again and pay the fees. 

Step Four: Take the Exam

The final step to acquiring your California real estate license online is taking the exam. In order to pass the exam, you need to have a 70% score or more.

We showed you how to get your real estate license in CA. Now we will talk about the types of licenses you can get in the state of California.

The real estate licenses to obtain in California

Of course, you are required to obtain the license in order to practice in the real estate business in California. Earlier we talked about the steps you need to cover to get to the exam. Now we will talk about which types of real estate licenses California is offering.

Salesperson license

With this license, you are allowed to practice in the real estate business, but you will work for a licensed broker. You as a salesperson, are not allowed to have your own company and to employ some people to work for you. In order to get a broker license, you must have some experience in your resume, so if you are new in the business, you must start work for somebody first.

Broker license

To obtain this license, you must have at least two years of experience as a salesperson. Those two years must be accumulated in the five years before you apply for the broker license. Of course, to get the broker license, you must finish some more courses, to get your education up. You could get the 8 courses at some accredited university or some private school which is approved by the state.

Best online real estate courses in California

With all that out of the picture, we will talk about the best online real estate courses CA is offering, so you could take to obtain those licenses. 

Real estate express

One of the best California real estate license online courses. Also, it provides the possibility of California real estate licenses renewal courses online. This company was founded back in 1996, and since then it schooled many both salespersons and brokers. Their courses are fully accredited by the state and they have the safe purchase guarantee. Their method of teaching is video training, which is proven to be much effective than just sending the documentation to students.

The instructors are professionals that are having years of experience in practicing in this line of work. The customer support is one of the best things that they can offer. Also, the direct number for calling the sales support is quite good. Real estate express is offering guarantees for all their plans after you complete the course or courses.

Probably the highlight of this school is the average pass rate of its students. It is 78%. We guarantee that their average pass right is among the highest you could find.

The courses of real state express are available on your phone and pc, which is more than enough for those that are wanting to study on their foot. The courses that they are offering are not expensive. In California, their prices are 99$-389$ which is reasonable for all the contents you are going to get through the courses. Real estate express is one of the few schools that is offering tuition assistance with the installment payment. Surely, one of the best online real estate courses California has to offer.


Kapre is among the best online real estate school California will give you the opportunity to take. People from 16 more states have this opportunity. More than a few decades of experience will guarantee you will have all the attention and guidance you need in order to learn something about the business and complete this courses. Also, they are offering the career guidance, for when you start your career in real estate. The only thing you need to sign up on this course is an internet connection.

Those courses are made by the Kapre and the State. That collaboration is giving you the guarantees that your license will be valid. The tutors are professionals, so they know what the real estate business very well. You couldn`t ask for a better instructor than those who are already working as salespersons and brokers for a number of years now. Professionals could renew their licenses and certifications in this school also. 

In addition to the online courses, they are offering the live courses too. They are popular as well as online courses. Every year a big number of future realtors are enlisting in this course, which proves the consistency of this school in schooling future professionals of the real estate business. That they are satisfied you could see on the reviews you can find on the internet. All of the lists of best online real estate schools are placing it as one of the best online real estate school California 2018.

Career Webschool

This school can be praised for the recognition they have. They are accredited by ARELLO and IDECC. At this school, you could sign up for great a number of courses. You can start as a beginner in this business or you could renew your existing license, in order to push up your career. Their way of approaching the education of their students is pretty special. This means they want to prepare the students for all the things they could come up in their future career. 

By focusing on this type of education you will be more competitive in the market, as soon as you finish the course. You will teach all about the California legislature that is related to your future business. Also, they will teach you how to find the perfect property. You will learn how to find and keep the right clients. The most important thing you will learn the most efficient ways to close the sale. This is one of the best California real estate classes you can find. 

Allied School

All courses provided by the Allied school are accredited and are offering California real estate license classes. Online schooling is a pretty quick way of acquiring real estate license California online. Also, they have all the required hours of education. The students are provided with all the contents that are needed to complete the courses.

Some among them are videos, workbooks, online test, DVDs etc. One of the best things is that they are offering a 110% refund guarantee on some of their packages. If you fail the exam, just return those contents with your failure notice and you will get the refund. 

You will have all the interactions with your instructors even we are talking about the online course. You can ask them everything you want about the content you got. Allied school is providing the live student support that is available in the common business hours.

You should use this if you need the assistance from one of the instructors. This school is one of the best according to the California real estate license school reviews. Also, Allied school is considered one of the best online real estate schools California made available.


In this article, we talked about getting the California real estate license online. We covered all the steps that you need to cover in order to acquire the licenses and certifications you need. Also, we talked about types of licenses you can get in California. And last but not least, we talked about some of the best online real estate courses you can complete to get California real estate license.

We all agree that real estate business is a great choice for your career, no matter if you are unemployed or just tired of your old job, and you need the change. We hope this article was helpful and informative.

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