In the current state of Arizona, online real estate programs have begun to trend. They seem to be an appealing option for anyone who is pressed for time but passionate about becoming an agent or broker in the AZ real estate industry. If, in any case, it is your first time to venture into online real estate programs, you should have some questions. So what is the best real estate school in AZ with online education? Let us dive into it and see!

OnCourse Learning Real estate

Arizona licensees, be ahead of the game! Enroll now with OnCourse Learning Real estate! Let your real estate goals be supported by this best real estate school in AZ. 

AZ Exam Prep

Career Webschool provides the following exam prep packages:

Exam Prep Toolkit: Real Estate

This package has many useful tools for understanding and retaining the skills required in the preparation of the public info on your real estate exam. Exam Prep Toolkit: Real Estate exists in the following categories:

  • Real Estate Flashcards: Conveyed automatically, entailing several definitions and terms likely to be found on your real estate exam. 
  • Real Estate Recorded Review: influential recorded webinars that embrace all topics on the national licensing exam. 
  • Real Estate Test – Taking Tips: These recorded webinars include test-taking tips, and preparation strategies for the general state exam.

National Real Estate Prep XL 

This powerful exam prep tool is provided by OnCourse Learning to modify study materials. Prep XL helps to meet your personal needs. It has customized learning channels that provide ideal study experience in preparation for the real estate exam. 

AZ license Renewal Package

This bundle helps you to fulfill the AZ requirements for the 24-hours of real estate Continuing Education. It comprises of the six courses listed below:

  • A three-hour session in the Consensual Agency: This program enlightens you on the possible conflict of interest encompassed in dual agency. Besides, this it embraces best practices for securing your agency through policy and documentation. 
  • Three – hour course in Fair Housing and ADA: Defend the interests of your clients and appreciate their rights concerning the American act of fair housing and disabilities. This module provides a deep understanding of decent housing and ADA, which influences numerous real estate areas. 
  • Three-hours of AZ Commissioner’s Standards: This is an AZ state-specific compulsory course. It covers compensation issues related to the gravity of disclosures, care of clients’ money, requirements of state law and record keeping.
  • A six-hour course in Exchanges and Commercial Sales: This course focuses on financial contract details, closing procedures and vital records of retail sales. 
  • A six-hour session in Sales Comparison Approach: This course gives you a gradual overview of the method. It focusses on the ways of estimating adjustments and data collection processes.
  • A three-hour class in the Disclosure of Environmental Hazards: This session gives a general idea of the standards, legal rules, and regulations in the real estate industry for property disclosure.

Fully Accredited

Since 1989, OnCourse Learning real estate has presented the most active online real estate programs. It is a state-confirmed online real estate school giving real estate agents a quick, cost-effective means of finishing their AZ  real estate CE classes. The Arizona real estate commission approves all the real estate license courses offered by this Institute.  


OnCourse Learning Real estate provides top-notch career-oriented and entrepreneurial courses in real estate. Upheld by an all-inclusive research center, library, and a team of associates, Career Webschool prepares you with leading-edge real estate knowledge and the skills to apply it. Overall, you do not doubt acquiring a master’s degree in real estate. 

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