A course on How to Become a Realtor in Illinois with Real Estate Classes Online is beneficial in case you look forward to being a real estate agent in Illinois. The program gives you a clear understanding of the IL real estate industry, its features, as well as its significance to the general public.

This real estate course also helps you to venture into the industry with the tools and knowledge of effective communication with other real estate professionals. On completion of the course, you are guaranteed of crucial skills in real estate analytics and investment strategy. Besides, you become well conversed with the structure, players, overall terminology, and general real estate requirements.

Illinois Real Estate Licensing and CE State Requirements

Broker Licensing:

  • Have to give a proof of age. Anyone applying is expected to be 21 years old or at least 18 years old in case the person asking has acquired the education needed by section 5 – 27 of the respective Act. 48 semester hours are relevant to fulfill the conditions of part 5 – 27.
  • Must give a graduation certificate of high school or anything equivalent to it. 
  • Must provide the needed fee stipulated in section 1450.130.
  • Submit a record from the supreme court of Illinois highlighting that you can exercise law

Broker Post Licensing

What do you need to renew your license in Illinois as a Broker? Well, perhaps you acquired your license after April 30, 2011, you are expected to finish a 30-hour post-license session and excel in an exam administered by the provider before your first renewal of the license. 

Broker Continuing Education

  • Brokers are required to accomplish the following by April 30th or even number of years:
  • Brokers are expected to finish the following education by April 30th of even-numbered years:

12 hours of Continuing Education (six hours core/six hours’ elective)

Managing Broker Licensing

Conditions to get a Managing Brokers License are:

  • Proof that the person applying is 21 years
  • A graduation certificate in high school or anything equivalent to it.
  • Selected fee stipulated in section 1450.130
  • Verification that you have accomplished at least 165 hours of instruction in online real estate courses Illinois certified by the Advisory Council as per section 145.1100.

Managing Broker Continuing Education

Leading Brokers are expected to finish the education below by April 30th of odd-numbered years:

•    Twelve hours of Continuing Education (six hours core/six hours’ elective)

•    Twelve hours of Broker management Continuing Education.

Details of the License Course

Probably you have been looking forward to being well informed on how to become a realtor in Illinois, below are details pertaining Illinois real estate course details:


Powered by Kaplan, Brightwood Career Institute solves the big question on how to become a real estate agent in Illinois. Brightwood’s licensing program takes your new career off to an excellent beginning with courses that are certified by the state, including timely topics, and presented in a secure online format. This convenience enhances the completion of your course from any place with internet access.

Online real estate sessions offered at Brightwood include a live-shared module, Custom-made content, thematic graphics, Instructional graphics, Collaborative exercises, and Unit exams tailored to examine subject mastery. 

Career Webschool

IL Real estate courses offered by Career Webschool are conducted on the internet by use of a flash-based learning management system (LMS). Each session is a shared tutorial featuring the presentation of information and questions. The collaborative process of learning controls your growth and gives feedback for practical knowledge of the material. The online real estate classes are tailored for your convenience. They quick to adapt, and no extensive computer expertise is required in advance. 

Real Estate Express

The IL real estate learning packages offered by the Real Estate Express range from the pre-licensing course to much more in the real estate career. The 75-hour Illinois Broker pre-license course is administered first to sharpen you for the real estate licensing exam. This session is helpful in laying a strong foundation for your career in the real estate industry.

The course covers brokerages, valuation, ownership, Illinois law, consumer-based themes, lending laws and global mortgage discussions. On course completion, enrolment in the subsequent course is required.

Illinois real estate agent license exam prep 


Preparation and achievement in the IL real estate license exam are based on practice. Engage the amplest QBank to act on your behalf. Brightwood’s exam prep QBank is the world’s leading most comprehensive test engine to mention. The service enables you to examine yourself with numerous questions on the most radical collaborative testing platform of real estate industry.

The QBank gives you the authority of controlling real topics required for the improvement of your score in passing the exam the first time. You can enhance the improvement of your score by simulating almost every test environment. It’s convenient to use the QBank because it's online and can be accessed anytime from any point. 

Career Webschool

The real estate exam prep toolkit provides you with many tools for easy understanding and retention of the skills required to make yourself ready for the information in the real estate exam. 

- Real Estate Flashcards: They are transferred electronically with the inclusion of definitions and terms to be encountered on your real estate exam. 

- Real Estate Recorded Review: These influential webinars are recorded to include all topics on the national portion of the licensing exam. 

- Real Estate Test-Taking Tips: These refer to webinars that are registered to contain tips on the utilization of the test content outlines and preparation strategies towards the public portion of the state licensing exam. 

Real Estate Express

Each year, the Real Estate Express supports thousands of passionate real estate professionals in their real estate exam through favorite actual state definitions, real estate mathematical questions, final real estate exams and the Illinois practice exams. An Exam Prep Master is a full real estate test prep answer that is tailored to enhance your achievement in the real estate exam on the first trial.

It is the ultimate solution for a passing grade on the IL real estate licensing exam. You can enroll for the Test Prep Master in two different ways that are, purchase the Exam Prep Master Program inclusive of a course package or buy it independently.

VA Real Estate Post License Online

If you have not renewed your VA real estate license, you need the post license. Pick on the following best IL real estate schools.


Never allow your real estate license to expire. Brightwood Career Institute is there to help! The solution on how to get real estate license Illinois is not the end of your studies. Real estate brokers who got their license in Illinois after April 30, 2011, have a responsibility to finish 30-hours of post-license studies before they first renew their license.

Brightwood, powered by Kaplan, gives all the requirements for the completion of your Illinois post-license. You will quickly accomplish the state-expected hours of certified education with a simple online system and course content of Brightwood’s industry-leading course.

Career Webschool

OnCourse Learning Real Estate has offered online real estate post-licensing courses to many successful real estate investors in Illinois. Career Webschool gives you a chance of enrolling in the IL Real Estate Post License course after you have completed your real estate license. Their professional instructors are ready to help you achieve your primary goal of maximizing the IL real estate post license education.

This online school gives prospective real estate agents and brokers a secure, cost-friendly means of fulfilling their IL real estate education. The IL Real Estate Board certifies all their post-licensing courses offered by OnCourse Learning.

Real Estate Express

Unite with numerous professionals in Naperville, Joliet, Rockford, Aurora, and Chicago and across Illinois who have successfully finished their course in real estate post-licensing with Real Estate Express. The 15-hour topics on Broker post-license precede to the renewal of your license at first. This course guarantees the tools to update yourself on the real estate laws, regulations, and rules. On course completion, you will be eligible to register for the subsequent course. The course is certified by the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation. 

VA Real Estate Continuing Education (CE)


Brightwood Career Institute works hard to offer you with the necessary help in completing your CE courses within the shortest time possible. The institute avails valuable skills that contribute to the achievement in the real estate career. Their online CE modules give you the most streamlined expertise to face the real estate industry.

Access your programs promptly and finish them within the shortest time possible. Apart from the swift completion of the courses, the content, and the curse topics are timely and contain precious information to supplement your career without delays. 

Career Webschool

The most popular IL continuing education offered by Career Webschool is the Basic Real Estate Finance. This program equips you with the required skills and knowledge of money and real estate financial dealings. Students enrolling in this online course are guaranteed of great fundamental insight into loan practices, trust deeds, loan types, and financial instruments, sources of funds, mortgages, assumptions, promissory notes, and foreclosures.

Real Estate Express

Hundreds of thousands of real estate professionals opt for Real Estate Express in the completion of their real estate CE requirements. In most of the states, Real Estate Express connects with its sister school, McKissock in providing you with the most updated real estate classes Illinois. Real Estate Express Career Hub gives vast information to facilitate your progress in real estate.

The state certifies real Estate Express CE programs that focus on enhancing your real estate income, knowledge, and productivity. These modules provide the most excellent learning experience. The topics are fashioned to assist you in passing the exams by cultivating your confidence in the real estate profession thus raising your efficiency and dissecting into new areas of work for much control over the career.


With the final Illinois requirements fulfilled, you should be ready on the way to the real estate business. In case you need additional information on how to get real estate license in Illinois, check out a free e-book from Brightwood Career Institute on launching your real estate profession. Once you’ve turned out to be a realtor, explore the rest of the Realtor sections to learn everything you have to know to achieve as an agent.

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