Nowadays, the real estate business is booming. A need for certified realtors grows every day. Future projections are showing that this need is only going to get bigger. In order to start working in this business, you need to acquire the right certification. Every state in the US has its own legislature when it comes to getting that licenses.

Today, we will talk about all the demands you need to complete in order to become a realtor through online courses. We will show you how to become a realtor in Michigan. 

There is a number of steps you need to cover to in order to get a realtor license. But in order to start completing those steps, you are required to be at least 18 years old, you also must be a US citizen and you must show your high-school diploma.

Both online and live courses have positive and negative sides. Online courses will save you the time you would need to go to the classes. It is up to you to make your own schedule. Easy access, at any time you want and you can start attending the course immediately. 

How to become a realtor in Michigan 

Step #1

The thing you need to do before you apply for the national real estate exam is completing a pre-licensure education. Michigan department LARA requires you to take and complete some basic education, which consists of 40 hours of classes. These classes can be attended in the form of live and online courses. Both of those choices have their advantages. If you are new to taking online classes and to real estate business, you should take live classes. In live classes, you will have the help and guidance of your instructor. 

Step #2

When you complete these 40 hours of classes, your school will send that verification to LARA. Usually, the application is sent the day after you complete the pre-licensure education. The cost of application is 88$. The application and fee you need to pay will last for a year. If you don`t pass the exam in a year, you will be required to a reapply and pay the fee again. The response with the results will arrive in a few days. 


Few days after you complete your classes, you will receive authorization of your test. If you passed, LARA would notify you with an email, telling you that you are ready to register yourself for the licensing exam. If you don`t pass the test, you will need to take it again. Of course, you will be required to pay the fee again and your efforts in how to become a realtor in Michigan will need to be repeated again next year.


Using the information that you can find in your email that you received. You can pay for the exam and schedule it. You will get the MIRE number, it is important to know that it is not your license number. The only purpose of that number is to schedule your exam. You will get the license number after you take and pass the test. The state of Michigan will give you the license number. 


Before you continue, you need to find a licensed broker who will sponsor you. That means a broker will give you the job after the completion of the course. You need to confirm your future employer 2 days before your test. You will be eligible to get the photo pocket license from the PSI Site after you pass your exam. 


It is the simplest one, it is just to continue the education and renewing your license. Those were the steps to complete online real estate classes in Michigan. Now we will talk about some online real estate classes in Michigan that have the quality and they have the recognition in this region.

Best online real estate classes in Michigan


Probably one of the best online Michigan real estate classes you can find. Also, Kapre is available in 16 more states. Kapre has over than 75 years of experience in schooling realtors. The online course is offering you all the things you need. To sign up for this course, you only need a proper internet connection. All of the courses are made to help and guide you in your career, from your first job.

Kapre offers you the possibilities of getting your real estate license, renewing the license, and preparing you for real estate classes, Michigan based. They are collaborating with MIRE commission when it comes to making the courses, that guarantees these courses are approved by the state of Michigan. A big number of their instructors are practicing in real estate business for a number of years. 

Also, Kapre is offering live courses for those who are more interested in this way of attending the course. Every year, more than 30,000 people are coming to get their license and renew the existing one. All of those people are giving good reviews for the courses and instructors. When it comes to Michigan real estate classes online, these are one of the best available.

Real Estate Express

The second school on this list which will show you how to get your real estate license in Michigan is Real Estate Express established in 1996. Real Estate Express is also a great choice when it comes to online courses for obtaining certification and license in real estate. They are offering both pre-licensing and post-licensing courses. The online courses are fully accredited and they are offering a safe purchase guarantee. Online courses are available through laptop, pc, tablet and mobile phone.

There is a great number of people that came through their courses, and by their reviews, we can say that they are satisfied. Their instructors are professionals and they are practicing in the real estate business. They are offering the customer support service and a direct number for calling the sales support and enrolment queries. Also, a free info kit is available on the request. 


In this article, we answered the question of how to become a realtor in Michigan. You need to have in mind the local legislature that is the could be the main obstacle in you acquiring the license. We covered all of the steps you need to overcome in order to acquire the licenses you need in the state of Michigan. Also, here you can see some online courses we recommended. We believe that those are the best of the courses which are available in Michigan. 

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