Whether it is your first time in the job market or looking forward to changing your career, becoming a real estate agent with a certified license is a good choice. This decision is a great move in your career journey for some reasons. People dive into the real estate industry from different careers and occupations, and at several stages of their lives.

The reasons as to why real estate is thought to be a good career differ from one person to the other. However, one consistent question that comes from people planning to venture into this field is normally: "How would I become a real estate agent?" Concerning this big question, we have compiled this article to investigate on how to become a realtor in Ohio with online courses. 

How do you get your Ohio real estate license?

Salesperson License Requirements

While the procedure of becoming a real estate agent is alike in many countries, every state has particular steps to be followed. The following are required steps on how to become a realtor in Ohio. 

  • Be 18 years or above

Besides this age qualification, the applicant should have US citizenship or permanent residency for an alien. Also, the evidence of a high school diploma or its equivalent is mandatory.


  • Have done your Required Education

You are expected to have a high school diploma or its corresponding document. Similarly, you must have effectively completed the 120 hours of certified real estate education in a timeframe of 10 years just before your application. These Ohio real estate license online courses must be finalized at a school of higher education within a program of two years.

The training is supposed to have the following:

  • Real estate practices and principles (40 hours)
  • Real estate law of Ohio featuring desegregation problems, housing discrimination and civil rights (40 hours)
  • Appraisal in real estate (20 hours0
  • Finance in real estate (20 hours)
  • Get a sponsoring Broker

Before submitting your salesperson license application, you are required to have the sponsorship of a broker. 

  • Send your Application

You have to send a salesperson application of the examination fully completed. Other requirements for submission include a fee of 60 dollars and the completion evidence of your study requirements. You can either send certificates of course completion or a copy of your official transcripts. The Division will conduct the processing and submit the information to the testing vendor. The form is available at the State of Ohio Department of Commerce website.

  • Make a schedule of your test

After processing your application, a bulletin of candidate information is sent to you with test instructions. To get the license, you have to be eligible in the state and national real estate exams of Orio. 

Ohio Real Estate Exam Prep


With over 75 years of expertise in supporting real estate investors, Brightwood’s services towards your Ohio real estate exam preparation are never doubted. Their online real estate classes Ohio are essential for practice and repetition to cultivate a spirit of courage on the real day of the exams. Choosing on Brightwood is an initial stage in the acquisition of your license.

Practice is key to perfection when we focus on achievement in the Ohio real estate exam. Employ Brightwood’s QBank test engine to manage your work. This advanced system enhances personal testing on an interactive testing platform of the real estate industry. All in all, the QBank offers you the chance of simulating almost every test environment to promote your score. 

Career Webschool 

Exam Prep Toolkit

The exam prep toolkit provides a wide range of tools that retain the skills you require for the preparation of the national real estate exam. The real estate flashcards are conveyed to you automatically to embrace numerous topics in the state exam. Also, Career Webschool provides the genuine recorded reviews in the form of webinars for a variety of problems. Other recorded webinars constitute the test-taking tips to deliver critical strategies in exam preparation.

The National Real Estate Prep XL –PSI

The XL is an advanced exam prep tool offered by OnCourse Learning. It influences the adaptive concept of learning to tailor study materials for the satisfaction of your specific needs. Through its customized learning channels, this tool guarantees optimal studying experience to make you ready for the impending real estate exam. 

Real estate express

The ultimate solution to attain a passing grade in your Ohio real estate licensing exams is the exam prep master. Thousands of learners get exam passing tips from Real estate express through common related definitions, math questions, final exams and practice exams. Exam prep master serves the purpose of a test-taking wingman in the real estate industry. It fixes you in the best position on the exam day. Get 150 days free access to a variety of practice exams by purchasing exam prep master. 

Ohio Real Estate CE


When you think of renewing your Ohio real estate license, Brightwood is the ultimate solution. Kaplan, real estate education, drives this career institute. Brightwood’s commitment to your experience as a student implies that you are guaranteed of personalized CE courses and instructors for wholesome assistance.

The Ohio real estate classes online for license renewal place you ahead of the competition with a unique focus on real estate topics and trends. Besides, your real estate requirements are also considered. The state certifies this curriculum for CE credit in Ohio.

Career Webschool

Are you one of the Ohio licensees? If so, stay ahead of the game by counting on OnCourse Learning for CE. The state certifies career Webschool as an online real estate school providing a quick, and cost-effective means of completing Orio real estate agent’s CE courses. Each CE program has subdivisions of individual lessons that averagely last for about 20 – 30 minutes.

The entire lessons are completed online. Each hour of a credit certification often takes roughly an hour of computer time to end. The 21- hours of the Ohio real estate CE programs last for approximately 21 hours. 

Real Estate Express

Appreciate the ease of finishing your Orio real estate CE programs online with McKissock Learning – a sister company to Real Estate Express. Since 1990, more than 300,000 licensed property appraisal and real estate investors have chosen McKissock for the maintenance of their licenses and growth of their careers. This company avails a variety of expert development courses, license upgrade, and Continuing Education. 


Overall, the real estate profession is a breathtaking and continually growing industry. In spite of your experience or education, there is a vast number of ways you can adapt to kick start your real estate career today!

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