To succeed as a real estate agent, you have to be skillful of the industry. This can be acquired through learning and job experience. Presently, it is very vital to get certified possibly a degree. With this qualification, you have a lot of chances to stand out from the crowd than none.

Solving the question of how to get a real estate license in Colorado with online school gives you a significant task on marketing and selling. Get the skills in economics, law, sales, marketing, and business by enrolling in any of the three best online real estate schools in Colorado.

How do you Earn Your CO Real Estate License?

Colorado Broker License Requirements:

•    Must be over 18 years. 

Besides being above 18 years old, you must produce legal evidence of US citizenship. 

•    Enroll in the compulsory education that lasts for 168 hours.

To make an application of the CO real estate license exam, the state demands that you finalize real estate college-based courses of 168 hours certified by DORA. 

•    Background check and Fingerprint

Your fingerprints must be submitted to the investigation bureau of Colorado for a regular background confirmation before being granted a real estate license. 

•    Finish your Expected Education

Perhaps you are new from school or been not here for a couple of years, Colorado real estate classes at Brightwood accommodates you effectively throughout the learning period. To ascertain the education that’s expected, explore the website of the regulatory department of Colorado. 

•    Enroll in the Licensing Exam for Brokers

When done with the scheduled training, feel free to make a license exam application. Remember utilizing Brightwood’s Exam prep for active exam preparation. Submit an expected ID such as a social privacy code to the commission of real estate, Colorado.

•    Get a Broker with a Sponsorship

To sum up, get sponsorship from a broker to clear your real estate license application at the commission. The broker signs the form on the Real Estate Commission’s website. 

CO Real Estate License Education 


Your education is made more accessible to you by Brightwood. This Colorado online real estate school provides customized licensing programs that are tailored to kick-start your new career in the real estate industry. Brightwood simplifies the question of how to become a real estate agent in Colorado. This school provides help on understanding the requirements of the real estate license in Colorado.

Career Webschool

Have you been asking on how to become a realtor in Colorado? Career Webschool gets you covered! Currently, Career Webschool and Proschools are OnCourse Learning Real Estate. A fresh experience of the OnCourse Learning, Real Estate website, is yet to come. So far, two web locations feature OnCourse Learning Real Estate courses.

Both sites provide top-notch courses that are cost-effective and state-approved. All sessions are conducted online for you to study anytime and from any place at your convenience. 

Real estate Express 

This is the most popular online real estate school Colorado for focused real estate brokers. Colorado online courses offered by the Real Estate Express School extent from the pre-licensing program to everything you require for a solid beginning in your real estate profession. The Real Estate Commission of Colorado certifies them. The compulsory Colorado pre-licensing module constitutes the 168 hours expected for your CO real estate license. 

Colorado exam prep courses for Brokers


Brightwood’s goal is to support you towards achieving in the Colorado broker real estate license exams on the first attempt. This is the reason as to why they have tailored a particular 2-day real estate license exam prep course both in classroom and online.

Brightwood offers options on how to get a real estate license in Colorado. Two separate methods of education delivery are provided here to assist you in completing your real estate license requirements Colorado. These include the live classroom exam prep and the OnDemand online exam prep. 

Career Webschool

Do you think about real estate exam prep in Colorado? Get assistance from the OnCourse Learning Real Estate. Register for your exam prep to the next step with customized learning. When you are initially taking a career in real estate, never trust anyone. Get much help in preparation from OnCourse Learning. Acquire an optimal experience in exam prep with Prep XL. 

Real estate Express

Exam prep master is the ultimate way of ensuring a passing score on your CO real estate licensing exam. Annually, Real Estate Express helps lots of students to qualify for their real estate exams through real estate definitions, math questions, final real estate exams, and Colorado practice exams. There are two ways to enroll for the online exam prep courses. Buy exam prep master module as part of a course package or buy it separately. 

CO real estate broker CE courses


A real estate broker in Colorado is expected to accomplish 24 hours of CE in the real estate field every three years for the renewal of the real estate license. Brightwood gives you the ability to finish the expected education in a single day annually through their 8-hour CE Day. Showing up a single day for CE each year enables you to accomplish your intended training at the lapse of the three years cycles of renewals. 

Career Webschool

Do you think of real estate CE in Colorado? If so, connect with OnCourse Learning Real Estate for help. OnCourse Learning Real Estate has over 50 years of experience in helping more than 225,000 graduates to succeed in their real estate exams. Pick OnCourse Learning Real Estate, where professional and friendly experts coach real estate sessions online.

As a learner at the real estate licensing course, Colorado, you are guaranteed of weekly virtual study webinars, helpful support, 24/7 access of courses, comprehensive practice exams, and online real estate lessons. 

Real estate express

Enjoy the comfort of finalizing on your Colorado online real estate CE programs with McKissock Learning. McKissock Learning has had a partnership with property and real estate professionals for over 25 years. Currently, you’ll find 446 programs with more than 20,000 Colorado real estate school reviews averaging to 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Why learn online with McKissock? This online Colorado real estate school provides useful and convenient courses for learning. You get new skills in your own time at any pace. 


Real estate agents have to network a lot to make lifelong dealings with clients. Using a mentor or a professional in the field, you can get much experience to develop a client base. In due course, to achieve in any profession, you have to be passionate about the job you are doing. It takes a liking for property, commitment and diligence to succeed in this industry.     

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