Most investors in the real estate industry go for the ready, fire, aim approach. However, you have a chance to aim at the forefront and get surprising results by enrolling in an online real estate course in the first place. This article puts much thought and consideration on how to get a real estate license in GA with online courses.

But, first things first, what do you need to get your license in GA? Let’s dive into it.

Georgia state requirements

Salesperson License Requirements:

  • Be 18 years or over.
  • Be a high school graduate.
  • Be free of any criminal record.
  • Have effectively ended the 75-hour pre-license course.
  • Achieved both in the National salesperson exam and the Georgia exams. 
  • Have handed over the application of the licensing plus the fee to the real estate commission of Georgia.

Broker’s License Requirements:

  • Be 21 years or above.
  • Be a high school graduate.
  • Have acquired the license on an operational status for not less than three years of the former five years as a salesman. 
  • Free of any criminal case.
  • Have accomplished the 60-hour Broker license course effectively.
  • Excelled both in the National salesperson exam and the Georgia exams. 
  • Have handed over the application of the licensing and the fee to the real estate commission of Georgia. 

Post-licensing Requirements for a Salesperson

Perhaps you own a salesperson license, and this is your first renewal since your initial licensure, you are expected to finalize the post-licensing program -25-hour during your initial year of licensure. 

CE requirements for a Salesperson

If at any time you happen to be a salesperson holding a valid real estate license that bears a license number beyond 100,000, you are expected to finish the 36-hours commission verified CE in the course of each four year period of renewal.

CE requirements for a Broker

In case you a broker with an operational real estate license that has a number above 100,000, you are expected to finish 36 hours of the CE certified by the commission every four years of the renewal period. 

Details of the License Course


Do you look forward on becoming a real estate agent in GA? Brightwood is ready to show you the right direction. Their real estate online course trains you for a prosperous career as a professional in the real estate industry. This best online real estate school GA is globally well known for delivery of top-notch instruction and innovative courses. 

Brightwood’s license programs enable you to finalize on your expected salesperson studies at the relaxation of your office or home. They comprise automatic tracking for you to pick from where you stopped. Brightwood’s online classes involve full reach to the instructor for necessary assistance towards the completion of the required studies and your GA real estate license exams.

Career Webschool

Perhaps you’ve been planning on how to get your real estate license in GA using a unique flash-based learning management system (LMS), think of Career Webschool. A single lesson features a collaborative tutorial with information and queries. The shared learning progression monitors your growth and gives feedback for quick learning.

The online lessons are tailored to suit the pace of any learner. They are straightforward and prior computer expertise is not needed. Some modules comprise of a textbook that is engaged with the online classes. 

Real Estate Express

Real Estate Express is the most popular online real estate school for aspiring real estate agents in Georgia. Thousands of folks in the entire state pick on this institute for their real estate pre-licensing education. The 75-hour Georgia pre-licensing program is a compulsory course that sharpens you for the real estate licensing exam.

This module solves the doubts on how to get a real estate license in GA and lays a strong foundation in your real estate profession. Areas covered include brokerages, valuation, ownership, Georgia rules, consumer-based themes, lending laws and real-world mortgage forums. 

GA Exam Prep for a Real Estate Salesperson 


You do not doubt putting your trust in Brightwood institute as the premium GA real estate school online with a top-notch record. Regarding real estate exam preparation, Brightwood is known for support to many real estate professionals in Georgia for over 75 years. Their programs equip you for the readiness you require to tackle the exam confidently.

With Brightwood, you'll find the need for cramming lots of hours for the exam useless. Practice is key to qualifying in the GA real estate exam. Consider Brightwood’s all-inclusive QBank test engine as a necessity. The system gives you the chance to examine yourself with numerous questions and equally simulate almost every test environment towards the improvement of your score. 

Career Webschool

Complete GA Real Estate Prep XL – National and state 

Prep XL is a refined exam prep tool offered by OnCourse Learning. It controls the adaptive learning concept to tailor study materials for your specific requirements. Its modified learning channels give the optimal study expertise to make you ready for both the national and the GA real estate license exam. 

Features of Prep XL

  •     A tailored study plan with daily goals.
  •     Self-paced complete library of more than 1,750 rehearsal questions.
  •     Long, timed exams that suggest a real testing environment. 
  •     Actual readiness data that track your growth.

Real Estate Express

The 75-hour Georgia real estate license online is a compulsory course that organizes you before the real estate licensing exam. This program is helpful in laying a strong foundation in your real estate profession. The Real

Estate Commission of Georgia certifies this curriculum. The course extras comprise of the Live Course Q & A, quick start guide, education concierge, committed instructor support, real estate math handbook and much more. 

GA Real Estate Post License


Sustain your real estate license GA with Brightwood Career Institute, driven by Kaplan. Online programs offered to fulfill the requirements of your primary post-licensing education for a successful real estate career. Brightwood trains in sales and marketing for real estate investors - take 25 credit hours. Almost every transaction in real estate features sales and marketing. Agents who qualify in either or both had tremendous and lengthened real estate careers. 

Career Webschool

On completion of your Real Estate License, go for the GA Real Estate Post License program at Career Webschool. Here, the learning mission is to help students in the achievement of their primary goal of getting the most out of every GA real estate post license education. Online real estate classes GA can be cracked down just in a single click! To start the process of enrolment, pick on your preferred course format for the delivery. Career Webschool exclusively provides the most excellent real estate post license programs in Georgia. 

Real Estate Express

Connect with lots of real estate professionals in entire Georgia who have effectively finalized their post-licensing plan with Real Estate Express. This school offers a 25-hour post-license module that is certified by the board. This course provides an answer to the most common FAQ on “what do I need to renew my license in GA?”  This curriculum is helpful in learning about updated laws, new regulations, estate rules and much more.

GA Real Estate Continuing Education (CE)


Always count on Brightwood for your real estate CE education immediately after your post-licensing study. Brightwood keeps you at the top of your career in real estate and meets your requirements as well. When your real estate license renewal is ready, don’t worry anymore!

You have your partner right with you. Brightwood dedicates to your student experience through their personalized CE modules with innovative supply options such as Video OnDemand courses and much more. 

Career Webschool

Complete your GA real estate CE courses right from home. This choice brings an immense difference in your real estate career. Whether you are in need of just 18 hours or the complete 24 hours, Career Webschool provides a variety of options to fulfill your requirements for the CE Georgia. The educational system offered here is tailored on certified instructional strategies rather than the capacities of the comp. It provides the learning materials, enough interpretation and requires the active participation of students in the process of learning. 

Real Estate Express

Take pleasure in the comfort of completing your GA real estate CE programs with McKissock Learning – sister company to Real Estate Express. More than 300,000 property appraisal and real estate professionals have chosen on McKissock for the maintenance of their licenses and growth of their real estate careers.

McKissock provides an array of career development, license upgrade and CE programs. Overall, this company avails easy navigation, chapter printing, student chat, 24/7 access to courses, individual packages, various course topics and state-approved CE modules. 


We believe that the GA real estate online course is massively promising and that it takes care of a real need in a very favorable industry. The efforts presently put in place by any of the above-mentioned GA real estate school online are pretty impressive.

With the ongoing current technological advancement, the real estate instructors are confident for an increase in further utilization of the available resources to promote GA real estate license and cultivate the desired results in the Georgia real estate industry. You do not doubt to grab a chance in these best GA real estate schools as earlier as now!

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