Tired of your old job? Want to change your career? Are you interested in getting the real estate license in New York? If you choose this one, you are in the right way. The real estate business has a really promising future. All the projections are showing growth in this sector.

There is a big interest in NY for this line of work. Maybe you are wondering how to get your real estate license in NY? In this article, we will cover all you need to do in order to acquire all the certifications and licenses for the real estate business in New York. 

Now we will talk about the steps you need to overcome in order to take the licensing exam.

Step number one

You need to be at least 18 years old. Having the US citizenship is a must and you need to show your high-school diploma. This step is crucial, if you don’t fulfill this one, you can go further.

Step number two

The second step is to register and complete the course which is 75 hours long. That course is accredited and approved by the state. You just need to choose a package you want to complete.

Step number three

In order to continue completing these steps, you need to find a professional broker who will sponsor you. That broker will employ you after the finish of the exam.

Step number four

This step is about taking the New York state exam for real estate. You need to have the 70% of correct answers in your exam. The state will offer you some exam information which can be helpful. You need to bring a photo-bearing. 

Step number five

After you successfully complete your exam, you need to fill out an online application.  Of course, there is a fee that you need to pay in order to apply for the exam.

Now the question of how to get your real estate license in NY gets a part of an answer. We will talk further about acquiring the licenses.

What position will you have after you complete this kind of courses?

After completing the course and acquiring the licenses and certification you need, you will start working for your sponsorship broker. You will start at the entry-level position. Starting at this kind of positions maybe doesn’t look good, but this kind of start will provide all the experience you need to get higher up in the business.

So you see now that online real estate courses NY is offering some great possibilities. After the years of experience, you can quit your job and start your own company. But, in order to do that you need to accumulate some experience working in the business for a few years.

The licenses you can acquire can be of two types: Active and Inactive licenses

After the completion of New York real estate classes, the license you get can be active and inactive. That depends on their current status. 

Active real estate licenses

In order to have this kind of license, you need to work in the real estate business. This is something everybody understands.

Inactive real estate licenses

The people who have this kind of licenses are not currently working in the real estate business. There are two kinds of inactive licenses.

Involuntary inactive real estate licenses

The people who have this kind of inactive licenses are those who didn’t renew their licenses at the right time. When the expiration date is crossed. In order to get the license active again, the licensee needs to renew the license. You could do that at some NYs real estate license course online.

Voluntary inactive real estate licenses

Those are the people that choose not to have it. There are a number of reasons for that. They could submit the request for making their licenses active, at any time. The request should be submitted to the state of New York. 

Earlier, we talked about the NYs real estate license requirements, and the types of licenses you can get. 

After completing the requirements for NYs real estate license you should start working at some company of the broker who sponsored you. The online schools are the fastest way to acquire all the licenses and certification you need. In the next part, we will talk about some online schools you can sign up for, to get your license faster. 

These schools are going to help you in how to become a real estate agent in NY.

Kaplan Real Estate Education

The most popular school on this list. This school is available in the 17 states across the US. New York is one of them. Surely, they have the answer to the question of how to become a real estate agent in NY. Their tradition in schooling real estate agents is over 70 years.

The average pass rating of this school is over 70%. That percent is pretty big. They are offering both the live, which you will attend in groups and online courses. If they don’t know the way of becoming a real estate agent in NY, we are not sure anybody has. 

When it comes to prices, they are somewhat higher than in other schools. Maybe the reason is their courses are made in collaboration between the school and the state of New York. That collaboration is proof of how serious this school is. However, think of all the content you will have at your disposal, all of that will be provided for that price. The best of the programs they are offering is the program that will help you after you complete the course.

That will be of serious help in your future career.

The one thing Kaplan doesn’t offer is tuition assistance. That option is available in a variety of other schools. This school is one of the best based on the reviews too. All you need is to get on the internet and see for yourself.

Learning everything you need to know on how to get real estate license in NY and how to be successful in the business will be provided by Kaplan real estate education.

Real Estate Express

The second school that can show you how to become a licensed real estate agent in NY is the Real Estate Express. It is available in New York too. They are offering a wide range of possibilities when it comes to live courses and online courses, pre-licensing, and renewal of the existing license. Every year a big number of future real estate agents are attending their classes. You can access their online courses with your tablet, mobile phone or pc. 

The school is founded in 1996 and since then their work is exceptional. Among all great things they are offering, the best thing customer service which is amazing. The customer service is something that could really help you.

Also, you will get a personal instructor who will help you with your studies. There are not many of the schools who will offer this kind of service.

When it comes to the prices, It depends on the package you will choose. That means you will pay only for the things you choose to learn. Their prices are in the range of 480$-650$. The courses are accredited by the state of New York and they have safe purchase guarantee. If you choose this school as a way to get your New York real estate license that will not be a mistake. Surely, this is one of the best ways to acquire the New York state real estate license. 

Career Webschool

This school is offering a big number of courses you can attend. You can both get the new license and renew the existing one. When it comes to schooling new agents, their way is pretty modern. They are preparing their students for all kinds of possibilities they could come across in their career. By doing it like this, they will prepare the students to be more competitive in the market.

You would teach about the New York legislature related to the business. Among the other things you will learn to find and keep a client, find a perfect property and last but not least, to close the sale. All of these things are crucial for being a successful real estate agent in the future. This school has the perfect answer on how to get a real estate license in NY. 


After we heard that the question of how to get your real estate license in NY, is frequently asked in the state of New York, we tried to answer it in this article. We talked about all the requirements you need to fulfill in order to apply for the real estate license exam in New York.

Also, we talked about the types of licenses you can get and finally about the best online schools that will guide and help you in the making of your new professional career. We hope that this article was helpful and informative.

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