The real estate market in the United States of America is getting bigger every year. Naturally, that means the need for the new realtors is getting bigger as well. The people who want a change in their personal life should have a look at this opportunity. Pennsylvania real estate licensing procedure is a bit trickier than in most states. 

There are a number of steps you need to cross in order to register for the exam. In this article, we will cover all the things you need to do in order to get some real estate licenses and certification. 

When you make this decision, you have two choices. The first choice is to take a live course. Of course, that means going to the classes. The second and faster way is to sign up for one of the many online courses that are available in the state of Pennsylvania. 

Pre-requisites To Get A Real Estate License In Pennsylvania. 

Now we will talk about the requirements you need to fulfill in order to obtain your licenses in the state of Pennsylvania.

Step #1

The first step is essential. If you don`t fulfill this, you can`t become a real estate agent in Pennsylvania. You must have a US citizenship. You need to be 18 years or older. You need to have a high school diploma. 

Step #2

After the first step is covered, in order to get further in Pennsylvania real estate licensing process, you need to take a pre-course provided by the state. This course consists of basic knowledge of real estate business and lasts 63 hours in total. 

Step #3

Step three is getting the report of your criminal history from the Pennsylvania state police. You should go to your local police and get one.

Step #4

Next thing you should is applying to the both national and Pennsylvania licensing exam. You need to prepare yourself very well for this. It`s not going to be easy. 

Step #5

After passing the exam, in order to work in the real estate business, you need to find a practicing broker who will sponsor you. There are many brokers out there who would sponsor you, you just need to find one that fits you the best. 

Step #6

When you complete and pass the exam, you should submit the license application. Also, there is a fee you need to pay.

Something about the courses you can take

The only answer to the question how to get a real estate license in PA is signing up for a course. The course can be live and online. If you choose the online courses, you will save the time you need to get to the live class, and you can use this time to learn. Also, the online courses have the virtue of being always available. You can access all the material you need on the internet, through your mobile phone, pc or tablet. It is perfect for the people that are busy and always on the foot. It saves a lot of time.

Best online real estate course PA

In the next part, we will review some of the best courses available in Pennsylvania you could take.

Real Estate Express

The school exists from 1996. They are offering both the live and online courses. Also, they can school new real estate agents and renew the licenses of the professionals in order to continue their education. The courses have the quality. The highlight of their courses probably the average pass rates. It is among the best you can find.

The Instructors who will guide you through the course are professionals. Some of them are having a few decades in this business. Naturally, their experience is an essential part of the course. Something you can use is their customer service. If you have some problems, feel free to call them and they will resolve any of your problems regarding the school. Also, if you are in need of one, they can provide the personal instructor who will help you with the things that are not clear to you.

When it comes to the prices, they will vary on the package you choose. They are from 480$ - 650$. It is not cheap, yes. But, think of all the contents and material they will provide for you, in order to help you finish the courses. All of their courses are accredited by the state of Pennsylvania and they have the safe purchase guarantee. Definitely, we can say that school will be of great help in showing you how to get your real estate license in PA.

OnCourse Learning Real Estate 

One of the best online real estate course PA has to offer. Very popular school in the US. Probably the most popular one on this list. The company has over 70 years of experience working in the real estate business. It has a really rich tradition in schooling real estate agents. Including PA, it is available in 17 states of the US. You can sign for live and online courses. The professionals can renew their licenses and continue the education in order to get higher up in the business.

Their average pass rate is 76%, which is high by all standards. The procedure for making those courses includes both the state and the school. Naturally, this collaboration gives the much-needed recognition to the school. Of course, this means that the school is accredited by the state. The instructors are at your disposal and for any help you need. Most of these people are professionals who know how to make it in this business. And they know how vital is completing the real estate license classes PA made available.

Kaplan, sadly, doesn`t offer the tuition assistance that most of others schools are offering. Some people would say that the course feels a little outdated. But still, this course is one of the best you will find on the internet. Despite those negatives, the alumni of this school are giving it the best possible reviews. Some would think that this is because of their previous work, but we don`t think that. This is the right move in order to fulfill your dream of becoming a real estate agent in PA.

Brightwood Real Estate Education

Are you ready for getting a real estate license in PA? Just wait until you see this one. This one is the best on this list. You can see that in the reviews of their previous students and on their average pass rate. It is very modern and very well optimized school. It is available in a few other states. Different from the other two on this list, they have only the online course. It is perfect for studying from a mobile phone and table, because of their mobile application. You can both renew existing license and study to get a new one.

The big number of both written and video material is available to the students. You can access to this material 24/7 on the application or their website. All of the instructors in the videos are experienced professionals.

According to the students who completed their courses, they are up to date with their video and written materials and they are really helpful to their students. That can`t be said for some of the courses you will come across the internet in searching for the perfect one.

Their pricing is a little different from the other schools. For example, to answer a question of how much is it to renew your license in PA, people would need to go to their web page and check the renewal box. Their approach is: They will give you to pick what services of theirs you want by clicking on the box. After you check all you want, they will give you the price, just before the confirmation.

This can be a more expensive way than others, but not always. We chose this school as the best one because we feel its modern approach is way better than some outdated courses.


Like we said at the beginning, Pennsylvania real estate licensing is a little trickier than most of the states, so you could struggle a little. But, we think is worth the time you will invest in these courses. We covered all of the steps you need to pass in order to apply for the Pennsylvania real estate exam.

These three options are the best the state of PA has to offer when it comes to schooling new real estate agents. And choosing the right school could be vital to your future career. We hope this article was informative and helpful.

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