Before becoming a real estate agent your entire focus should be passing your exams, we all get jitters when it comes to doing exams its completely normal and taking real estate exam is no different.

Real estate is not as hard as you may think it is, in this article, we are going to outline all the tips and tricks on How Hard Is the Real Estate Exam and How to Pass the First Time.

How Hard Is The Real Estate Exam?

Real estate exams are usually regulated by the states ensuring that the questions are well set and fair to all people. In this section, we are going to discuss exam obstacles.

Hence, they are not hard and the main reason why people fail is:

Failure to follow the study plan

People fail to follow a study plan created by them or either the school, this will leave you poorly prepared as you will fail to cover all the basics of all matters real estate. When it comes to the examination day as a result of low confidence due to poor preparation may cause you to fail.

Poor study material 

When studying for a real estate exam, you need to have well-structured and high-quality study materials which contain all the information, test question, and revision materials. This will help you master and understand and the various aspects. This is the most important factor as it will determine either failure or success.


During exams, its normal to be afraid its biological as a result of chemical reactions in the body, going to the exam with a poor mindset and attitude will result to a lack of self-belief and confidence due to poor preparation. Anxiousness if not properly dealt with will result to failure.

How To Pass The Real Estate Exam First Time?

Group revisions

During preparation for a real estate exam find other people who will be taking the same exam. Reading as a group will be highly beneficial as you will be able to cover a lot of topics and materials which will help you memorize and remember all that you have learned.

Utilizing exam preparation materials

The real estate coursework is so extensive and massive making it tedious to cover within a few days. You can purchase or search online study preparation materials to test yourself and highlight the weak areas that you may need to improve on. These materials will greatly help you to concentrate on those areas that you have not fully mastered yet.

Full concentration during exams

During exam time do not rush and take your time. The set time is adequate, before answering always read the instructions carefully before proceeding to answer the questions, ensure you understand what the question means then proceed to give the right answers. 


The real estate examination will determine whether you will be an agent or not. It's usually a one-shot opportunity, you need to take it seriously. Through hard work and adequate preparation will enable you to pass, without passing this exam you can kiss a career in real estate goodbye.

In the post above we have highlighted the do's and don'ts, so it is up to you to decide what you are going to do when that time comes. Wishing you all the best of luck!

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