Being a real estate agent is quite a fulfilling and rewarding career, more and more people want to join this vibrant industry. This job is truly rewarding working at your own pace, being your own boss while getting a decent amount at the end of every month.

How Much Does It Cost to Get a Real Estate License?

Like any other profession, there are educational requirements, examination fees, and license application fees. In this post, we are going to outline deeply what you can expect from Getting a Real Estate License.

Initial real estate classes and training 

It's a requirement in every state that requires you to enroll in an approved school before taking a real estate licensing test. The total cost of the coursework varies from school to school depending on the state that you are in. It is highly advisable to consider online learning as compared to the traditional based school system. The approximated cost is $300.

Test and licensing fees 

Before sitting for your exam, there is a fee that you are required to pay approximately $50 or less, only after passing your exam is when you can apply for a real estate license costing $25. You will also be required to pay for a background check and fingerprinting, and the estimated cost is $100. Lastly, the real estate license will cost you about $150. 

The total cost for both examination and licensing fees is above $350

Passing the exams

After processing and approval of your examination application is when you can take your test. Depending on your school if its manual examination system you will get your results within 5 business days. For those schools offering examinations electronically, you will access your results immediately. The cost at this stage is $0.

After getting your license, there is some extra cost that you are immediately going to incur when starting off your career and they are:

Brokers fees

After successfully getting your license it's a requirement to sign up with a brokerage firm to learn you know the tricks of this industry. The brokers cater for all your business expenses may it be office supplies to the internet and you will pay back for those cost through commission splits. Approximate cost is between $50-$500 in a month.

Membership fees 

When starting out though not a requirement you will join and become a member of your local and state real estate boards. You will be required to pay a monthly fee to the association, it’s usually a few hundred dollars. Pay special attention as its advisable to join the National Association of Realtors for exposure and cultivating links with other real estate agents, membership fees range from $100-$150 per year

The membership cost may vary from state to state, so it’s important to research the cost of the state or areas you will be operating in. Once you know How Much Does It Cost to Get a Real Estate License, it will enable you to prepare yourself adequately financial wise.


There are many advantages when pursuing a career in real estate. Though at the beginning you will incur some expenses don't let that discourage you as it will pay off in the future with huge rewards. Before embarking on a career in real estate always conduct an in-depth research to know all that there is and this post will greatly assist you.

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