Perhaps you’ve been thinking on enrolling for a VA real estate license online but never got the right advice. Don’t worry anymore! This article investigates how to get a real estate license in VA online. You’ll get to know some of the best real estate classes in VA, requirements for real estate in Virginia, exam-related information, test preps, pass rates, and the rules of reciprocity in Virginia. Right, take a cup of coffee and let's begin from the start. 

Virginia State Requirements 

Unlike other states, acquisition of real estate license VA is rather quick. This article focuses on a review of the outstanding sites offering the best online real estate courses in VA. 

For you to be granted a real estate license in Virginia, you are expected to be 18 years or above, have a diploma in high school, be a native of the state, have a Virginia DMV control code or a social security code. Besides, you must consider the following:

  • Salespersons – finish 60 hours in the theories of real estate and qualify in the state and national portion exam.
  • Brokers – accomplish 180 hours of study, excel in the state and federal portions broker exams and send your experience approval.
  • Brokers – actively participate as a salesperson for 36 of the 48 months before the licensure application.

Details of the License Course

Have you been wondering on how to become a real estate agent in VA? Don’t worry anymore! Think of the following three best real estate schools.

  • Brightwood

Do you look forward to enrolling for real estate classes in northern VA? Brightwood can show you how that can effectively be done. License courses offered by Brightwood enable you to finish your salesperson license course at the comfort of your office or home. 

These online courses allow you to start and stop the course at your convenience. They feature computerized tracking so you can pick up from where you ended. Besides, you can track your growth as you go through each session. 

  • Career Webschool

The Career Webschool has many VA real estate pre-license courses for you to pick. All the sessions are finished online on completion of the registration. You are free to choose from the a-la-carte course or find the most value for your money and time with a course package. The VA full course package – the most common kit comprises of everything you require to excel in the state license exam. You will find three of these sessions discounted as compared to the separate purchasing.

  • Real Estate Express

This compulsory VA 60 hour pre-license session makes you ready for the real estate licensing exams and is useful for the solid basis of the real estate career. It covers brokerages, valuation, ownership, Virginia law and global discussions related to lending laws, mortgages and many consumer-based themes. The Virginia real estate commission certifies this course. The course extras include real estate math handbook, the principles of real estate e-book for practice and much more.

VA real estate agent license exam prep 

  • Brightwood

Practice precedes perfection in the case of excelling in the real estate license exam VA. Enhance your opportunities of qualifying on the first trial with Brightwood’s QBank. Examine your ability with numerous questions on Brightwood’s high-tech interactive testing platform. All in all, Brightwood’s QBank offers you the chance to simulate about every test environment towards the improvement of your score.

  • Career Webschool

Exam Prep Toolkit: real estate provides some tools for better understanding and retention of the skills required to get you ready for the national information on the real estate exam.

Real Estate Flashcards: These are conveyed electronically with many definitions and terms to be met on the real estate exam.

Real Estate Recorded Review: These consists of vibrant webinars that have been recorded to embrace all topics related to the public portion of the pre-licensing exam.

Real Estate Test-Taking Tips: This is a webinar that has been recorded to include preparation strategies, utilization of the test content outlines and some test-taking tips.

Mathmaster: Mathmaster is tailored to assist in developing the skills in real estate math and achievement on your state exam.

  • Real Estate Express

The best way to achieve a passing grade in your VA real estate exam is through the exam prep master. Real Estate Express assists a considerable number of learners to qualify for their real estate exams using favorite real estate definitions, real estate math questions, final real estate exams, and VA practice exams.

VA Real Estate CE and Post License Online

Post License

If you have not renewed your VA real estate license, you need the post license. The course duration takes 30 hours. 

  • Brightwood

If you made it in your VA real estate exams, it’s high time to let Brightwood take care of your post-licensing requirements. There is a need for your real estate career to be nurtured. Brightwood’s VA post-licensing sessions are intentionally tailored to assist in the development of the skills you require to operate an achievable practice in the process of meeting the requirements of the state. Brightwood is aware of your post-licensing requirements to the country and provides the material to meet these conditions. 

  • Career Webschool

As soon as you complete your real estate license, enroll for the VA real estate post license class from the comfort of your home! The initial one year after the acquisition of your license fly. Therefore, be a game changer and finish your 30-hour post license session in advance.

With 20 years of experience Career, Webschool is the state’s leading distance education provider that conveys an online VA real estate course using certified fluency and mastery education methodology. 

  • Real Estate Express

Real Estate Express is the most popular online school for VA real estate agents looking for post-licensing services. A considerable number of professionals across the state pick this school for post-license education. Post-license packages availed comprise of everything you require to satisfy your post-licensing needs and preserve a vibrant real estate license. The commission of Virginia approves the real estate post-license class offered by Real Estate Express. 

Continuing Education (CE)

  • Brightwood

VA real estate agent continuing education

Make a renewal of your VA license with Brightwood! One of the most substantial things you can invest in is real estate. As such, you require an education provider to walk with you stepwise. Brightwood's agent license renewal classes give numerous topics to keep you at the top of the career. Apart from satisfying your Va CE requirements, Brightwood’s courses keep you at the forefront of the present competition in the real estate industry. Virginia State demands salespersons to finish 16 hours of CE every two years to renew their license. 

VA real estate broker continuing education

Renew your VA broker license with Brightwood! Complete your VA broker education with Brightwood and resume business within the shortest time. Brightwood’s courses meet your VA state requirements and keep you at the lead of your rivalry with a unique focus on hot topics and real estate trends. Virginia State expects you to finish 24 hours of CE every two years to make a renewal of your broker license. Brightwood features the education courses you require to satisfy this demand.

  • Career Webschool

The decision you make on making good use of distance learning as your means of study will make all the difference! So, be part of 750,000 growing number of learners achieving immensely by use of Career Webschool distance learning solutions. VA renewal packages 1 and 2 fulfill the requirements for continuing education in the renewal of a salesperson license. Besides these courses, you are expected to enroll in the private standard agency 3-hour course. Career Webschool specially provides the most excellent online VA real estate post-licensing sessions.

  • Real Estate Express

Enjoy the convenient process of completing your VA real estate CE courses online with McKissock (Real Estate Express sister company). Experience the adventure of McKissock learning! McKissock provides a variety of professional development sessions, license upgrade, and continuing education. McKissock’s online courses give the ultimate learning effectiveness and convenience. 


Acquire a VA Real Estate License by Reciprocity

Perhaps you own a license to another state; you are free to make an application for a Virginia license by reciprocity through the following summary:

Submit the form for the PSI exam registration by mail or fax. Visit for the application form and full instructions. The form that you require is the Registration form for Virginia license by reciprocity exam. Enroll for the Virginia portion of PSI exams. 

On excelling in the VA portion of the PSI exam, you will require these to send your license application. Give proof of your education similar to the requirements of Virginia (60 hours pre-license course). Present an original certificate or transcript of course completion. Give a letter of good standing or certificate of licensure. Qualify for the rest of the conditions like 18 years old, GED or high school, criminal record disclosure, etc. 


Hopefully we have given you the answers to any question on how to get real estate license in Va. Acquisition of a real estate license in VA online is a commitment of money and time. However, the decision is helpful in securing a rewarding job – with growth opportunity in the real estate sector. As a real estate provisional broker or salesperson, you are expected to work under the umbrella of a licensed broker. 

For increased career opportunities and flexibilities, you may finally opt to pursue a broker-in-charge license. Besides a real estate license, you may also decide to consider some of the real estate certifications and designations among those mainly related to property management, commercial property, residential property, appraisals, mortgages, to further promote your marketability and career as a real estate professional.

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