Are you ready for a big change in your personal and professional life? Tired of your current job? Or you are just unemployed? A career in the real estate business could be the right choice for you. Real estate business is going to need a lot of agents in the future, according to statistics.

If you are living in Texas, this is what you should read. In this article, we will talk about the best online real estate school Texas can offer. Also, we will talk about the conditions you have to fulfill to be able to take that the exam.

Pre-requisites To Get A Real Estate License With Online Courses In Texas

To get a real estate license in Texas, you need to fulfill some conditions. Here we will list those conditions:

Condition #1

You should have at least 18 years. The US citizenship is not required.

Condition #2

You need to apply basic real estate courses and complete 180 hours of classes in order to be able to take the exam. Those first classes can be stressful if you are new to this kind of work, but if you stay focused, you could make a good turn in your future career.

Condition #3

You will need a licensed broker who will sponsor you. After you complete your exam, you will start working as a salesperson and you will need that broker to employ you. Both of you are required to submit the form of sponsorship. 

Condition #4

When you finish those 180 hours of courses, send all the documents you have to TREC. It's your chose if you are applying for an inactive or active license. Then you will just have to wait for the respond of TREC.

Condition #5

When you get the notification from TREC, you can schedule your exam. You will get the instructions on how to submit your fingerprints. Your application is active one year from the day you applied. 

Condition #6

Most of the schools will provide a preparation for the exam. Some of them will provide a live session. After that, the only condition is to study hard for your exam.  

Active and Inactive real estate licenses 

There are two types of licenses you could obtain. Now we will give you some insight into that part.

Active real estate license

This type is required to be involved in real estate business. This makes sense.

Inactive real estate license

For those who choose not to be involved in real estate business, there is a choice to have an inactive license. There are two types of inactive real estate license. 

Voluntary inactive license

People who have this license, are having it voluntary, as its name said. Those are the people who chose to have this inactive status due to not wanting to work in the real estate business for some reason. At any time they could submit the request for making their license active. They request this from a state agency.

Involuntary inactive license 

This happens when a person with a license fails to renew their license before the date of expiration. The license automatically becomes inactive. The licensee must continue the education and renew its license. If it is not renewed in two years, the involuntary inactive license will expire and a person will have to acquire it once again through some Texas real estate license online school.

Best online real estate school Texas

In the next part of our article, we will review some of the schools we believe are the best, from which you could see which one is the best online real estate school Texas has to offer.


Available in 16 states across the US. Kapre provides both in-person and online classes. In person, you have the real estate school in San Antonio and real estate classes in Houston. Their average student pass rate is 76%, which, you have to admit, is pretty high. The school is popular and recognized by a number of different academic institutions. You could get the live study in groups and a live instructor training. Their price is somewhat higher than other schools, but only because of the quality classes offered.  

Both new people and professionals can get and renew their licenses. They have the huge tradition in schooling real estate agents. All of their courses are approved by the state. Also, their courses are made by the state and the school together. That collaboration will guarantee that you have the valid license in your hands. Instructors are very experienced in the real estate business so you will get the opportunity to learn from the best. Kaplan will also help you at the start of your career with their program at the end of the course.

More than a few decades of experience in this line of work proves their quality. The only real complaint people have about this course is that they don't deal too much with modern Real Estate technologies. With that fixed, this school would probably be the best in the state of Texas. However, Kaplan is getting some of the best reviews all of all the schools. Some can say that is because of their tradition, but in our opinion, it's still very good.  And finally, the only thing you need to have to sign up to this course is an internet connection.

Real Estate Express

Founded back in 1996, this is one of the best real estate license online Texas and all the US have to offer. This is probably, the most famous Texas real estate school. When it comes to their average student pass rate, it is about 78%. Their average student pass is higher than most of the schools you will find in Texas. You can choose between online and live courses. You can do pre-licensing and renewal of your license.

When it comes to online courses, they are accessible through the pc, mobile phone, tablet etc. This school has a big tradition in schooling a big number of real estate agents every year. So it is safe to say that this is one of the best answers to a question of how to become a realtor in Texas? The customer service that they are offering is exceptional. They will provide the personal instructor that you can contact at any time to get help. 

The price of the course depends on the package you are going to choose. The range of the price is from 484$ to 649$. For that amount of extra contents that they are going to provide for you can see the price is pretty reasonable. Their courses are accredited by the state and have the safe purchase guarantee. The instructors are professionals who have a lot of experience in that field of work.

OnCourse Learning Real Estate 

Without any doubt, OnCourse Learning Real Estate is one of the best online real estate courses Texas has to offer. That can be said based on Texas real estate school online reviews where you can see how much of the people have positive experiences with this school. Also, this school is one of the newest school available in Texas. Some could say that this is not a virtue. But, we will say that some of older schools can be outdated. Which is not the case with OnCourse Learning This school is very modern in every way.

The material that is provided by the school can be in a big number of forms. Besides the traditional forms video and text, they can offer you some interactive features. You could also get their mobile phone app if you want to study on the way to somewhere. The customer service office is based in Austin, and the will help you if you need help. Tuition assistance is also a possibility. That kind of assistance could help in spreading out your payments. 

After you get your real estate license Texas online, you could get on the after-program, where they will help you in the first days of your career. We can honestly say that this is online real estate classes Texas at its best. So if you’re still wondering how to become a real estate agent in Texas after finishing the OnCourse Learning school, you’ll undoubtedly know the answer.


We covered all the conditions that you need to fulfill in order to start learning for the exam. Becoming a real estate agent in Texas is not an easy task. Even though you will acquire the license for the best online real estate school Texas has to offer.

Real hard work begins when you complete the course. But, choosing the right school can be vital sometimes. Maybe some of the contents that are provided will be helpful more than in other schools, so you should choose wisely. We hope this article was helpful and informative.

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